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Im nice and friendly girl loving sex

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Маленький презент на годовщину. Пусть все изменения будут только к лучшему) Ты мое Ясное небо и мое Яркое солнце)
Small surprise for you.
Happy women's day :)
с праздником
Little surprise little rose little kiss
little gift to you from my big love to you
flowers from the sky .... miss you but what i can do .... i go to sky
Would you mind if I will go? Very big kiss you and I think about you.
christmas surprise, even not important christmas but surprise.
does it help?
All the best to new year
I wish to support you as much as possible and make you feel better that everything will be OK
very little surprise
Little smile on your face :)
even we arent in touch 
these das so much
one little kiss
shows you I miss
wish you good day
my mind you stay
wish you a very sweet day
I think about you
wish you have smile on your face because of me
Very little gift for nice and good mood. Because you are so perfect and beautiful girl. Thanks to you my life and this world is much better
my sources are limited same as my time here, on this world, but I am here for you. Unlimited.
without limit?
how many years do you wish to live with me?
one or two?
how many fingers do you wish to have with ring?
i am the man,
you are a girl,
what all we can,
live like a pearl.
grow slowly there,
where nobody is,
waiting and care,
about our kiss.
to be with you,
make you happy,
me happy too,
with you really.
how look our lives?
i beleive in
beautifull nice.
what this i mean?
stay, stay with me
and makes live fine,
all than will be 
stright like a line.
even if everything goes wrong we can change it into nice moments if we will want, support each other and hope in the future
I like to very suprise you and i want to make you fell better anytime. very very big kiss you
to make surprice
to make happieness
to care about
to give a lot
to support......
this is me, 
nothing more nothing less,
man for everyday life
full of unusuall moments.
This makes me happier when I make happier you
hopefully not
:D boooooooooooooring? :)
sweet sweet sweet
is it sweet enough? :)
Sweet dreams
Sweet dreams
To you I like to surprise
I hope not boring from gifts but I feel so happy thanks to you
Kiss you for better mood
So nice to see you
very little reason why to be happy
i have good mood and i like to share it with you
I want to be as useful as possible for you
Like for example now
do you feel me too?
each day I feel you close
miss you and kiss you
and you are for me rose
my heart beats  for you
Flying kisses
Monday :)
I think about you
Very very little gift for a little bit better mood
To hope in future is the most important thing in our lives otherwise we dont live but only survive. we say that everything bad is good for something and I beleive that all will be good one day. you are the sun in my live that shows me the way and I want to be a rock for you that guards you and saves.
Little way to make you little bit smiling
something ends something starts, something was something will be, time goes forward and we swim in its flow. life is large river that goes from spring to the sea. impossible to go back but possible to go together. my boat just sink but i will create new one and take you on board. we will go together to the end and we will be happy than. cause aim isnt sea but journey there.
Going to fly kiss
every day with you is so sweet. even the worst day becomes with you holiday
To make you happy makes me happy
Still not boring you? :)
Is it still surprising you? Do you like it still? I never want to be, boring you and annoy.
small red flower smells so nice,
and my love just only rise, 
growing up and touching sky,
every day I say you hi,
how are you and sleep you well?
you saved me from deepest hell.
you are angel from heaven,
you, I dont want loose ever.
let this flowers makes your stomach feel better :)
Let you have very good day.
Let you feel better. I want to do for you all to make you happier.
Let you have sweet day
Flower from sky
Very very very little surprise. But really so very little that almost invisible..
Kiss for better mood
Going to the train and wish you a very good evening. Kisses with roses
To create on your face smile I send you so little gift.
Любимая моя, Поздравляю тебя!)) Это маленький символ моего сердца)
Let all your dreams come true and all problems you overcome and you are satisfied when looking back and you look forward for nice future.
One gift, one word, one kiss, my world, you are so nice, be pair and just, enjoy that life be mine deep love.
Very very but really very little gift let you feel better today
the rose is like real love. so nice and lovely but when dont pay attention , can hurt and become painfull. it grows or die, as we care about. life is like this rose. brings nice moments but can be hard and not easy to live. our goal is to be nice and make this world better place to live. if this little rose will make you smiling just for a short while, than it makes what it should. brings beam of love to your lovely heart.
It is my heart, it beats for you, time is so hard, and survive too. But this moments, important are, without comments, you are my star.
Happier now? :)
Kiss you so much
Sweet day and perfect mood let you are fine and everything is good
When everything goes well it is easy to be nice. But really nice things come when everything goes wrong. When we are in good times easy to be happy, but true happiness comes when times are bad and we have reason to be happy. It is easy to smile when we have no problems but smile even it is not easy to carry on, than we smile from true happiness. I know that this year is very difficult but I believe in nice future. Let this very very little gift creates at least short simile on your face and nice touch to your heart.
С праздником, Главная ты моя!!!))
Kisses :)
Congratulations with great success. Last week wasn´t for weak, but you are so strong, wonderfull and unique, that you made it really perfectly. Even there will be every week new queen of queens, you stay for me the best, the only one queen in whole my life. I wish that this ring is gift from your king, that live with you forever and never leave.
Поздравляю с победой, Сладчайшая! Ты шла к этому полтора года и вот ты заслуженно Королева из королев!
Aha and what about this?
Life is just one,
You are one too, 
Is all so done?
I think that no. 
I want change life, 
Give you a chance, 
Old cut with knife, 
With you to dance. 
My life is you, 
Now and next too, 
Be with me still, 
Our love will live.
Kiss you let you feel better
It does not matter if it is nice coat, whole house or just little rose. Everytime it means the same. All I can do for you at the moment I do. Very little things or big ones. My heart stays stable, with you forever till it will beat. When it stops my soul will continue to take care about you till this world doesn't finish to exist.
Fresh drink, to be fresh morning, after long night, full of fun.
Life is so short for so huge love I feel to you. I want to live thousands of years to make you happy again and again and again. But may be it should be so short, cause I want to give you all and get only what you will want to give. It is so short, me not to be selfish and thinking about myself... But help you support and make your life better and happier. But... Is life really so short? Depends. With you it can be as pvt with you. Very nice and beautiful and really hard to leave. My love to you is over any pvt, over this life. My love to you is endless and lasting forever. My love to you will die only with space and time. Cause then will be nothing. But memories of my love to you will be forever written in the book of life.
Just little rose, 
to cure your nose, 
let it smells well,
my little help.
One life,
One chance, 
One gift, 
One sense, 
One man, 
On world, 
One love, 
No word.
My life 
is yours, 
For now 
And ever.
I want to make you happy every day...
Отметим твою свободу)
The first friend,
The best friend, 
The best tipper, 
The first gift... 
The last here, 
The smallest, 
The nicest, 
The only yours.... 
Yes. Yes. 
He is. 
Believe in fairytale, 
Living in the real, 
But dreaming about near. 
Sometimes nightmare. 
I am.

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